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Richard Sibbald is one of Canada’s most recognized top fashion photographers. His acute vision for the current trends and demands of the industry has started and propelled the careers of many well-known faces, such as Andrew Stetson for Calvin Klein, Milan for Tommy Hilfiger and supermodel R.J.

Sibbald’s trademark expressive approach and hard exposure are aimed at capturing the strength of his subjects and the emotional power of the moment.

His forceful and persuasive style is a classic favourite with top record companies, athletes, celebrities and musicians for its superb talent at portraying both the subjects and their emotional intensity at the height of their power.

Sibbald’s sixteen years of experience in the industry has also earned him a versatility only few can claim: apart from cultivating his own style, he has been celebrity photographer in the television series Look-a-Like for the past two seasons and holds frequent lectures on the technical aspects of photography at various institutions.